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Bang bang, you're dead

A hole in your head....

1/2/05 11:22 am - public

does anyone have a good recipe for apple martinis?

11/28/04 04:48 pm

dear you;

i love the way your heartbeat feels on my face.
i love the way you kiss me.
i love the way you hold me close to you.
i love the way you tell me you'll never leave me.
i love the way you run your hand through my hair.
i love when you whisper in my ear all the words i've always wanted to hear.
i love how you know when i'm upset, but don't push it when i don't tell you what's wrong.
i love lying silent in your arms.
i love opening my eyes and catching you watching me.
i love how you watch me and think i don't notice.
i love every single word that comes out of your mouth.
i love everything about you.


11/25/04 12:46 pm

Mr. Divver
you think im laughing at this whole thing

im not

you called me a whore
i am

i never should have done this

and i lost my best friend

i said im over you


i cant breathe. i cant sleep. i cant eat. i want to cry. but i cant. my body is breaking down without you.

please talk to me.

it hurts.

-The Girl Who Mishandled Your Heart

11/24/04 09:01 pm - dont try commentin tyler, i have you banned.. just read ^.^


mind your self

fuck you

-caitlin =)

hmm youre acting very immature... kinda highschoolish

you sure youre 21 hun?

11/24/04 08:00 pm - All your base are belong to us.

Which flock do you follow?

this quiz was made by alanna

11/24/04 06:43 pm

Over you.

11/24/04 07:14 am

why doesnt it ever work out like it does in the movies?

we still have time

11/24/04 07:11 am

the wall says:

"true love is a bond that cant be broken"

i think we've forgotten

11/23/04 09:29 pm

amazing how fast you can rebound

i love you topher

and i always will

please still come up in december
we need to talk face to face

as of now..

.::single... on way to caring local relationship::.

you were my first true love tophie

know that

know you still are

know im always willing to try again
im just to young

i love you sweetie

stay in contact

< /3


11/23/04 08:54 pm - words before i go.........acid is my only friend

...sure the sex was good

but its not worth it now

no passion

no feeling

no interest in him
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